Foreword by John Maxwell, Proprietor, Allen's, Toronto.

I have inhabited the world of whisky for more than 50 years, first as an enthusiast and collector, and for the last 44 as a hospitality industry professional. This world is one defined by taste, taste in both the sense of that which excites the palate and, also, in that which responds to aesthetic sensibility.

To master the aromas, flavours and sensory complexities of whisky requires a great ability to taste, as an appreciation of the history, tradition, vocabulary and architectural beauty of distilleries and the apparatus found therein demands great taste.

I have followed the career of Mark Bylok for some time now and can guarantee that he excels in both these exercises. His profound reverence for the culture of whisky is matched by a rare sensitivity to the impressions whisky makes on the palate.

In The Whisky Cabinet, Mark will introduce you to the world's most fascinating beverage, will tell you how to build and stock your collection and will teach you how to drink, savour and enjoy your whiskies.

Listen to him well. Mark Bylok is a man of great taste. 


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